February Newsletter

Welcome to the February edition of our newsletter. A warm welcome to all of our new families!

1We have enjoyed a month of celebrations at the nursery including Valentine’s Day and Shrove Tuesday.
To celebrate Valentine’s day, our littles ones took part in lots of activities such as baking yummy heart shaped biscuits, heart printing, love bug foot prints, exploring in cornflour and rose petals. The children also made some lovely valentines cards and bouquets for their parents.

On Shrove Tuesday, the children helped to make pancakes by mixing the ingredients before they were cooked. They really enjoyed eating the pancakes!
Next month we look forward to the celebrations of St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s day. On St Patrick’s day the whole nursery will dress up in green and enjoy a traditional Irish meal. In preparation for Mother’s day the children will be creating lots of lovely gifts for their mummy’s and talking about why they are special. The children will also be planning and preparing for our ‘Mother’s Day Tea Party’ where we will be inviting all mothers, grandmothers and aunties to the nursery to celebrate. There are many more upcoming events for next month to add to your diary…please refer to page 6 of the newsletter for these dates.

Toddler and Preschool News

3Lots of noise has been coming from the toddler room and outdoor area this month as our over 2’s have been exploring their music and sound interest. This has included exploring their drum station, painting with bells and rolling bells in paint to make marks and mix colours.

They have made xylophone’s using lolly sticks and have been exploring the sounds of the xylophone. The children have enjoyed singing on the stage and performing with various instruments as well as making their own shakers using bottles and rice- developing their fine motor skills.

The children have been exploring Phase One of Letters and Sounds which concentrates on developing their speaking and listening skills and lays the foundations for later phonetical skills. This month we have been getting the children attuned to the sounds around them by going on listening walks, drumming on different items outside and comparing the sounds. These activities have really raised the children’s awareness of the sounds around them and developed their listening skills…. to read the full newsletter, please click below!