August Newsletter

Welcome to the August edition of our newsletter. We have enjoyed a very relaxing time at the nursery during this month with many of our lovely children away on holidays. On Wednesday 23rd August, the children at Monkey Puzzle Mitcham enjoyed a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. The children brought in their favourite teddy bears and soft toys from home and enjoyed an outdoor feast of sandwiches, cakes, and much more. The sun shone throughout the afternoon and everyone had a lovely time. There were bubbles and balloons as well as plenty of fun activities such as building a house for their teddy, a teddy obstacle course, and teddy bear story time session.

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July Newsletter

On Friday 21st July, we said goodbye to our very first Preschool leavers at the nursery. The children looked adorable in their graduation gowns and performed very well. Thank you very much to all the parent/carers who came along. We would like to wish you all the best and will miss you lots! We know that you are going to have the most amazing time at school and hope some of you will come back and visit us in your new school uniforms.

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June Newsletter

We would like to start this month’s newsletter with a huge GOOD LUCK to all our children who will be sadly leaving us to move on to their Big School in September! We will be so sad to see you go, but at the same time are very excited for your new journey and know you will all be great! Our term time children will be leaving us at the end of July!

In Baby/Tweenie Room this month the children have been focusing on the book Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson.
The children have listened to the audio story and have enjoyed singing and dancing to the Monkey Puzzle song. The staff have encouraged the children to repeat key words developing their speaking and listening skills. They have also been exploring animal puppets from the story.

The children have enjoyed creating the snake from the Monkey Puzzle book using yoghurt pots and strings, learning the sound of a snake as well as other animal sounds and have also had lots of fun practicing animal movements around the room.

In addition, a lovely display has been created focused on the story. The children have painted leaves, created monkeys by printing and enjoyed decorating butterflies using collage.

In Toddler Room this month the children have been doing lots of activities in celebration of Father’s Day.

They have been busy creating lovely and unique Father’s Day Cards, listening to stories about daddies, ‘I love my daddy’ being the favourite. The children have also learnt some songs such as ‘I love my daddy yes’, ‘Daddy is his name ooo’ and have enjoyed listening and joining in with the Father’s Day song on the Interactive Whiteboard. The children have been engaged in lots of role play activities linked to the everyday roles of their daddies, uncles or granddads. The most popular was the outdoor car wash with soapy water, sponges and the outdoor cars which was lots of fun! The children decorated ties and enjoyed driving numbered toy cars to corresponding garages – an activity to support and develop their number recognition skills.

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May News

Welcome to the May edition of the newsletter. It is nice to see the sunshine has come out to visit us and we intend on making the most of it. The children will be having lots of water play, including having the paddling pools out. Staff will inform parents when these activities will be taking place over the coming months so children can bring in their swimming costumes and towels. There are many more fun activities taking place over the next month including all the children making Father’s Day cards and crafts to give to someone special and carrying out lots of different activities for Eid.

Let’s see what the children have been up to this month….

Toddler Room News
This month our toddlers have taken part in some lovely science activities and ‘wow’ was the key word as the children observed the changes that took place.
The children made an ANTI-GRAVITY galaxy in a bottle where the glitter doesn’t fall down and it rises up as it settles. The children were so fascinated – shaking the bottles and then staring at the amazing galaxy in it.

The children also made Shaving Cream Rain Clouds. Try this at home…

Fill your jar about three quarters full with water from the tap. Use the shaving foam to create a cloud on top of the water. Now drop food colouring into the ‘cloud’. As your cloud fills up, the food colouring will fall down into the water creating a rain-like effect.

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April Newsletter

Our Preschoolers are looking very smart in their Monkey Puzzle uniforms!!!


This month the children have been planting and growing seeds and taking care of the plants. In order to help the children observe growth in more depth, they have also planted peas in a transparent bag so that they could clearly see the growth of roots and then the shoot. This stimulated plenty of discussions on the process of growth and the children have enjoyed recording this in their bean diaries.

The children have also been focusing on the book Jack and the Beanstalk and are in the process of creating their own beanstalk display.


Swimming Lessons

On Wednesday 26th April, the preschool children enjoyed their first swimming lesson at Canon’s Leisure Centre. For some of the children, it was their first time in a pool and they did exceptionally well. A big thank you to all the parents/carers who came along to support and watched their children during the session. The children have been developing their water confidence each week.


The children continue to enjoy the weekly Totstars football sessions at the nursery. This is usually expressed by a very loud cheer as they greet coach Darien on his way in every Wednesday morning. The classes continue to be very fun, engaging and the children are learning so much every week. To continue reading our news, please click below…

March Newsletter

World Book Day – Thursday 2nd March 2017

2The children and staff dressed up in their favourite book characters and had a great time looking at different stories. World Book Day is a fantastic way to make books even more exciting for the children, and we were absolutely thrilled with the amazing costumes our little ones wore to nursery. There was a wide variety of different characters, such as the Hungry Caterpillar and the Gruffalo, showing that our little ones love all kinds of different books.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our families for helping the children to pick out their costumes, and helping us to make literature fun.

Mother’s Day Tea Party

3On Thursday 23rd March all mothers, grandmothers and aunties at Monkey Puzzle Mitcham were invited to attend a special and memorable Mother’s Day Tea Party. The children worked very hard in preparation by baking lots of cakes and treats as well as creating gifts to present to their mother’s during the tea party. Our over 2’s enjoyed making a delicious red velvet cake and the under 2’s made a vanilla sponge cake.

4The ‘Mother’s Day Photo booth’ was very popular. Lots of fun was enjoyed by all and plenty of memorable photos were taken. Thank you to all who came along, it was a lovely event.

St Patrick’s Day

5To celebrate St Patrick’s day on the 17th March our little ones dressed up in green for the day, made dumplings and enjoyed eating a Traditional Irish Stew for lunch. They also took part in lots of activities and crafts based on shamrocks and the colour green.

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February Newsletter

Welcome to the February edition of our newsletter. A warm welcome to all of our new families!

1We have enjoyed a month of celebrations at the nursery including Valentine’s Day and Shrove Tuesday.
To celebrate Valentine’s day, our littles ones took part in lots of activities such as baking yummy heart shaped biscuits, heart printing, love bug foot prints, exploring in cornflour and rose petals. The children also made some lovely valentines cards and bouquets for their parents.

On Shrove Tuesday, the children helped to make pancakes by mixing the ingredients before they were cooked. They really enjoyed eating the pancakes!
Next month we look forward to the celebrations of St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s day. On St Patrick’s day the whole nursery will dress up in green and enjoy a traditional Irish meal. In preparation for Mother’s day the children will be creating lots of lovely gifts for their mummy’s and talking about why they are special. The children will also be planning and preparing for our ‘Mother’s Day Tea Party’ where we will be inviting all mothers, grandmothers and aunties to the nursery to celebrate. There are many more upcoming events for next month to add to your diary…please refer to page 6 of the newsletter for these dates.

Toddler and Preschool News

3Lots of noise has been coming from the toddler room and outdoor area this month as our over 2’s have been exploring their music and sound interest. This has included exploring their drum station, painting with bells and rolling bells in paint to make marks and mix colours.

They have made xylophone’s using lolly sticks and have been exploring the sounds of the xylophone. The children have enjoyed singing on the stage and performing with various instruments as well as making their own shakers using bottles and rice- developing their fine motor skills.

The children have been exploring Phase One of Letters and Sounds which concentrates on developing their speaking and listening skills and lays the foundations for later phonetical skills. This month we have been getting the children attuned to the sounds around them by going on listening walks, drumming on different items outside and comparing the sounds. These activities have really raised the children’s awareness of the sounds around them and developed their listening skills…. to read the full newsletter, please click below!

January Newsletter

Happy New Year and Welcome to the first newsletter of 2017.

1Everyone has settled back into the routines of nursery life again brilliantly. Thank you to every one for your lovely cards and generous gifts at Christmas. This month the children enjoyed a week of celebrating Chinese New Year. Lots of role play took place in our very own Monkey Puzzle Chinese Restaurant- frying noodles, serving customers, setting the table, reading newspapers and brochures. The children were developing their fine motor skills by creating vegetable sushi rolls using rice, peppers and nori. They explored textures by placing dry noodles in water and observing the changes. A sweet and sour chicken lunch was also enjoyed in the restaurant. The children also took part in Chinese food tasting using chopsticks. They tried sweet and sour chicken wontons, vegetable spring rolls, and prawn toasts.

Toddler and Preschool News

This month our over 2’s topic was ‘People Who Help Us’. They have had various activities planned to enable them to learn all about how people help our community. A police station, prison and fire engine were created for role play. The children have been making fire engines, creating fire flame paintings and collages, engaging in fire engine and police role play, extinguishing fire shaving foam with water, printing, completing puzzles, making ambulance collages using shapes and lots more…. to read our full newsletter, please click below:

December Newsletter

Welcome to our final newsletter of 2016- What a wonderful year it has been!

A huge thank you to everyone that came along to join us on our Christmas Fun Day Stay and Play Session on Saturday 17th December. The staff worked hard to make the nursery look festive. We enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with the children and their families engaging in festive activities. Santa’s grotto provided an extra special treat for all the children too. To read our full newsletter, please click below…

November Newsletter

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter. So many exciting things have been happening at the nursery this month.

I would like to give a warm welcome to all our new parents and children who have started this month. I hope you are all settling in well. A big welcome to Jessica Edwards – as our amazing Toddler Room Leader.

Grand Opening Party

On the 12th November we hosted our Grand Opening Party in celebration of opening the nursery.
The children enjoyed lots of delicious treats, a lucky dip and face painting. We also had a balloon launch to mark the occasion. Thank you to all the parents/guests and children who came along to make it such a great day.

On Friday 18th November we held a Stay and Play Session in support of BBC Children in Need. Our staff made delicious cakes, we all wore spotty fancy dress, and enjoyed being decorated in spots. The children enjoyed getting involved in lots of spotty activities and going on a Pudsey Hunt in the outdoor area. We held a ‘How many sweets in the jar?’ competition and a raffle for our Children In Need Cake. A big thank you to every one who came along and for all your support. We managed to raise £49.10 on the day. Well done!
We plan to hold a Stay and Play Session every month at the nursery so keep a close eye on the dairy dates.

Our Topic: Farm Animals

At Monkey Puzzle Mitcham, we tailor our curriculum and planning to the children’s’ interests. As all the children have taken a keen interest in ‘Animals’-in particular ‘Farm Animals’, this has been our topic for the last few weeks. To inspire the children’s learning we transformed the Babie/Tweenie room role play area into a farm. The children have enjoyed exploring the farm and the various planned opportunities we have provided. They have also been engaging in a range of fun, messy and crafty animal related activities. To read the full newsletter, please click below: