Children at the centre of all we do

At Monkey Puzzle Mitcham we aim to ensure that your child positively benefits from our quality provision. We aim to provide a warm and nurturing environment in which each child can flourish and reach their full potential. We endeavour to support every child in our care in order to ensure they achieve their utmost, develop confidence in their own abilities and a lifetime love of learning.

We recognise and understand that during the Early Years children grow, develop and learn more rapidly than at any other time of their lives. Hence we do not take lightly our role in the care of your child. We want you to feel both happy and secure when you leave your child in our care.

We recognise the importance of good manners and respect for others and believe this enables our children to be well prepared for life outside the Nursery environment. We are dedicated to providing the children in our care with a strong foundation for life, and believe that a quality Early Years education provides children with the best opportunity to achieve their full potential both while at the Nursery and in the future.

We believe that parents/guardians are a child’s principal carers and first educators, therefore we value and respect their role. We also understand the importance of regular communication and keeping you informed of every stage in your child’s development. We know that family participation in a child’s education is essential and can help a child’s positive development.

We also believe that strong, experienced and educated staff have a positive impact in a child’s learning and development.

Our promise to you:

⦁ To have the highest standards of care and nursery education tailored to your child’s individual interests and needs.
⦁ To develop a close and supportive relationship with you to ensure that we work together to meet the needs of your child.
⦁ To ensure we provide real experiences to enhance your child’s understanding and knowledge of the world around them.
⦁ To provide a stimulating environment where your child can be inspired to learn and grow.
⦁ To provide your child with unique and exciting activities and experiences which promote development in all areas of learning.
⦁ To encourage independent learners and thinkers.
⦁ To take every measure required to ensure that your child feels safe and secure.
⦁ To instill in your child a lifetime love of learning.
⦁ To support your child in developing confidence in their own abilities.
⦁ To enhance and educate every member of staff on all matters regarding children’s care and development in the Early Years.